Concord Baptist Church receives new roof


By Felecia Shelor
More than 250 attended the fund-raiser held at Concord Primitive Baptist Church on November 13. Donations for the new roof exceeded $16,000.
Support for the historic Meadows of Dan church was widespread. People from as far away as West Virginia and Tennessee attended the fund-raiser.
Large numbers of Primitive Baptists from other churches in the region came to support Concord.
Elders Alan Terry and Tim McGrady spoke about what it means to be a Primitive Baptist. Gospel music was provided by the Mountain View Church Singers and by Sammy Shelor and The Comptons. The congregation shared a potluck meal.
The new roof ran just over $8,000, which included replacing rotten fascia boards.
Barbara Knowles, church treasurer, reported that there was more than $8,000 remaining after the check was sent for the new roof. The church, along with the Meadows of Dan Community Association, is getting quotes for new paint and new storm doors.
The historic church was officially founded in 1833. There are documents that mention interest in forming the church in Meadows of Dan as early as 1818. The present meeting house was built in 1912.
The members of the congregation along with the Meadows of Dan Community Association intend to preserve the historic building first and foremost for a Primitive Baptist Meeting House. The church is also one of the most important historic landmarks in Meadows of Dan. The church will be used for special events such as weddings and reunions.
The Concord Primitive Baptist Church has met on the third Sunday of each month since 1833. This meeting continues to this day. Beginning in December, the meeting time will be at 1:30 p.m. the third Sunday of each month. Elder Tim McGrady from Carroll County will deliver the message.
Everyone is invited to attend. Concord Primitive Baptist Church is located at 453 Concord Road in Meadows of Dan. For more information, contact Barbara Knowles at (276) 952-2785.concord-church