Cook on ballot



    Stephanie Cook of Rocky Mount secured the Democratic nomination to seek the 9th District seat to the Virginia House of Delegates.

    She will square off against incumbent Del. Charles Poindexter, R-Glade Hill.

    Justin Washer, of Bassett, has said he will run as an independent to seek the post.

    Concerns about the local economy, and its toll on families, prompted Cook to enter the race.

    “I looked around, and could see the problems everywhere,” she said. “People (are) working 40-60 hour work weeks and still barely scraping by. It’s hard enough to find work period, let alone work that pays well or that you could call a career.”

    Frustrated by what Cook said she felt to be a lack of understanding and initiative on the part of the General Assembly, the mother of three decided to seek the Democratic nomination.

    Running on a platform largely focused on jobs and the economy, Cook advocates expanding infrastructure like high speed internet, cell phone access to rural areas; increasing funding to proven programs that invest in small businesses, and raising the minimum wage.

    She also is a vocal opponent of the Mountain Valley Pipeline

    The proposed project is a natural gas pipeline that will traverse Virginia counties that include Craig, Franklin, Giles, Montgomery, Pittsylvania, and Roanoke. The pipeline would span about 303 miles, from northwestern West Virginia to southern Virginia

    Cook said she considers the pipeline project “an abuse of eminent domain, and a threat to the area’s clean land and water.”

    To help show her commitment to fighting for the interests of residents, Cook

    is one of 60 delegate candidates to take a pledge not to accept campaign contributions from Dominion, a power company which provides electricity, natural gas and related products; or Appalachian Power, a subsidiary of American Electric Power, which provides electricity in several states, including Virginia.

    Cook also said she will not accept contributions from special interest Political Action Committees (PACs).

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