Blue Ridge Therapy Connection – May 10th, 2017

Residents Margaret Bocock, Nannie Biggs and Mabel Stowe singing with The Sycamore Singers.

The residents of Blue Ridge enjoyed having a sing-along with Sycamore Singers on May 4. The Sycamore Singers have been volunteering at Blue Ridge for many years.

They visit once a month and the residents look forward to having them come into their home. They enjoy visiting with the members and singing many of their favorite hymns that they grew up hearing.

Blue Ridge and The Landmark Center held a volunteer banquet on April 25 honoring our group volunteers. We are truly blessed with some many wonderful and talented people in Patrick County.  We can never thank these groups of people enough for volunteering their time and talent.

Just this year, we have had to say good-bye to some of our groups due to them having health problems. We would like to thank the Pleasant View Singers and Ronnie Trent and Friends for their many years of service to Blue Ridge and the Landmark Center. We truly will miss having you come into the centers to perform for our residents and will miss visiting with you. We want to thank you all for your years of volunteering.

We have been working on National Nursing Home Week which is celebrated May 14-20 this year. We look forward to celebrating the theme, “Sprit of America.” We have planned to honor our veterans, visiting the different cultures of the residents, discovering the residents’ talents, honoring our individual volunteers, and going on a picnic. We will also enjoy some musical entertainment, have watermelon and go on our bus trips during the week.

We will start the week out with honoring our mothers with a Mother’s Day Tea which will be held on Mother’s Day, May 14. We will be crowning our “Mothers of the Year” during the tea. Each year staff members vote for our Mothers of the Year. This is a special day for our mothers and we look forward to being able to share their special day with them.

Our residents are glad that Mabry Mill is open for the season. We have a bus trip planned for May 25 to go for a ride on the parkway and have lunch there. This is one of our favorite places to have lunch. The scenery is beautiful and the food is delicious.

During our travels on the road we have seen some beautiful places in Patrick County. Many of the roads we go on, we to have never been down before, so it is an adventure for the staff, too.  We look forward to you seeing on the road!If you would like to volunteer or entertain our residents, please call Dee Dee Via at (276) 694-7161, extension 1804. We would love to put you on our calendar and have you as a volunteer.



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