Mountain Top Party Line – May 10th, 2017



Pictured (left to right) are Sam Howell, Elva Howell, Lorene Howell Fain and her husband Jesse Fain. This was made on Lorene’s birthday (55 years). Sadly, all have passed away; but left wonderful memories. They’re also my kin. Thanks to Judy Fain Hughes for this photo.

We had some nice rain and then it cleared off so pretty. Everything was so fresh looking and green.

Keep Linda Roberts in your prayers. She is home from the hospital after having a kidney removed.

Neighbor Teresa came by and brought me a big bag of turnip greens. I cooked some and froze some. Keep her in your prayers as she is taking therapy.

Happy birthday to “Miss” Claudine Wood up on the mountain who turned 97 years. She looks great, and loves company. They are having a big party for her and I’ll have more on that later.

It was nice to hear from my flower friend Pauline Martin of Rocky Mount, N.C. She loves being outside. Me too.

Larry Martin has grown some of the prettiest lettuce this year. He shared a lot with The Food Ministry and the people loved it and said it was yummy. I enjoyed mine also.

Please put Arlene Trent on your prayer list at this time.

If you need clothing, The Jesus House is packed with nice things. Come and see.

The Soup Kitchen garden was looking pretty green after the rain. Drive by and see. The raised beds look nice also.

I’m glad Ron Henderson likes living in his new place—peaceful and quiet. Nothing like peace and quiet is there?

The bears are on the prowl in my neighborhood so be careful. We have lots of deer also.

It was a beautiful day for the Jonathan Bowling Memorial Ride. Over 300 bikers came from all over.

Household hint: Cooked Coffee Pudding: add one teaspoon of instant coffee to the mixture when cooking vanilla pudding. It is so yummy and pretty.



8 cucumbers (6-8 inches long)

1 medium onion, finely chopped

1 8-oz. container sour cream

4 Tbsp.. mayonnaise

3 Tbsp. fresh minced parsley

Cherry tomatoes or tomato quarters

Chives, chopped (optional)

Peel and dice the cucumbers (1/2-inch dice). Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Arrange tomatoes around the serving bowl with the cucumbers in the middle. Garnish with chives if desired.

Food for thought:

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes—including you.