Girl Scout Camporee held

Patrick County Girl Scouts held their annual Girl Scout Camporee April 26-27 at Dominion Valley Park with about 40 girls and adults in attendance. Many thanks to Dominion Valley for allowing the Girl Scouts the use of this wonderful facility for a great camporee.

The girls earned several badges for each age level while at camp. They learned about the phases of the moon, shadows, nature, knots, trail signs, snacks and how to build fires. They took a night hike and a daytime hike while observing many of the items they saw in nature. For crafts, they made maracas and caterpillars. They also made a camp booklet that showed the things they learned and saw at camp. Around the camp fire they enjoyed S’mores, which is always a special Girl Scout treat.

The beginning of the event started with a little rain but cleared away with a little wind. The group had to plan things a little differently, but then things cleared up for a cool and peaceful night for camping. Saturday was a beautiful day that allowed the group to end the camporee with a great time. Everyone is eagerly looking forward to another great time next year.



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