Graduation parking

This year at Patrick County High School’s graduation there will be no cars on the field for any reason, except for emergency vehicles.
All guests who need handicapped parking will park at the back of the school near the greenhouse, then they will be shuttled to the football field in vans or golf carts. There will be a designated seating area for handicapped guests on the track around the field.
No one will be allowed on the field without a gold ticket If you don’t have a gold ticket, you will need to sit in the bleachers. Bleacher seating is first come first served. There are no reserved seats in the bleachers.
Each senior will be given two gold tickets and four green tickets. The green tickets will only be used if the weather is bad and graduation is moved to the gym. No one will be permitted on the track around the field during graduation for any reason, except staff from Patrick County Public Schools who are helping with graduation. Please remain in the bleachers at all times. When you move to the track you block the view of the handicapped seating.
Please do not call the school to request extra tickets or to try to park on the field. There will be no exceptions made for these rules. We want everyone to enjoy themselves at this event. In order for everyone to see their child receive their diploma, we expect everyone to be respectful of others and remain in their seats so that everyone can see. Parents on the field need to remain in their seats at all times during the ceremony. Please do not leave your seats and block the view of the parents behind you.
We hope you enjoy the ceremony and that everyone follows the rules to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
Anita H Knight
Sponsor in charge of parking/seating
Class of 2016


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