Land transfers recorded in September

The following land transfers were recorded in the Patrick County Clerk’s Office during the month of September.

Margaret Ann Amos and other to Mary T. Amos, interest, 67, 36.75, and 0.25 acres, Mayo River.

Carl L. Anderson and other to The Anderson Trust, 5.8 acres, Smith River.

Pamela L. Anderson to Carl L. Anderson and other, 5.8 acres, Smith River.

Hazel B. Aydelette to Hopco LLC, 97, 33, and 20 acres, Smith River.

Brenda G. Ayers and other to Danny R. Goard and other, .3605 acre, Mayo River.

Thomas N. Badgett to Sean Kevin Badgett, .58 and .58 acres, Blue Ridge.

John Robert Brown Jr. to Wilbur C. Walker and wife, 56 acres, Mayo River.

Carrington Mortgage Services to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, .4233 acre, Mayo River.

Robert Lee Deal and other to Jonathan Travis Deal, 1.032 acres, Mayo River.

Lynder B. Dietiker to Cindy Lynn Cayton and other, interest, 60.157 acres, Dan River.

Equity Trustees LLC to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, lots.

Darrell Farren to Matthew Crotts, 4 acres, Dan River.

Martha Rachel Foley to Luther B. Stone and other, 3.109 and .96, Mayo River.

Claudine R. Harmon to Nathaniel L. Hylton, 37.1 acres, Smith River.

Leon P. Harris to Melissa A. Godfrey, 64.370 acres, Smith River.

Terry L. Harris and other to Terry L. Harris and other, 3.000 acres, Smith River.

Betty P. Haynes to Shane Brammer, 1 acre, Smith River.

Victoria E. Heath to Heath Irrevocable Trust, 6.010 acres, Smith River.

David Allen Helms and other to Oscar S. Meeks and other, parcel, Smith River.

Vernon Edward Helms II and other to Hopco LLC, 79.0393 acres, Peters Creek.

Suzanne F. Howard and other to Carlton D. Largen and other, 9.514 acres, Blue Ridge.

Phyllis W. Hubbard and other to Eric Bowman, 0.799 acre, Peters Creek.

Erna S. Joyce and other to Garth Joyce, parcel.

Ada May King Knight to Patrick N. Hall, 8 acres, Dan River.

KP Hill Dairy Inc. to Darrell L. Turner and other, 2.341 acres, Mayo River.

Fred Lawson to Chelsey McMillian and other, 2.03 acres, Blue Ridge.

Paul Kennett Lyles and other to Aaron R. Sterling and other, 8.76 acres, Smith River.

  1. Bernard Mabe to Joseph Byron Campbell, 9.99 acres, Mayo River.

Jeanne M. Marshall to Roy Layne Marshall and other, 1.00 acre, Dan River.

William Bobby McArthur and other to Steven Charles Campbell and other, 3.544 acres, Mayo River.

William Bobby McArthur and other to Steven Charles Campbell and other, 1.876 acres, Mayo River.

Kenneth G. Meador Jr. and other to William R. Whitman III and other, 24.4551 acres, Mayo River.

Pauline W. Mize to Steven Douglas Mize and other, interest, 97.548 acres, Smith River.

Barbara D. Morris to Eric K. Morrison, 1 and 1.2 acres, Blue Ridge.

Ollie Mae Pack Munday to William Wade Pack Jr. and other, 9.8956 acres, Dan River.

Durward W. Owen and other to Roy Lassiter Parrish and other, parcel, Dan River.

Tommy Pauley and other to Tommy Pauley and other, interest, 1 acre, Mayo River.

Douglas A. Potter and other to Conrad A. Braaten and other, 15 acres, Smith River.

Michael T. Prince and other to Christopher T. Flippen and other, 3.5858 and 3.3661 acres, Smith River.

David R. Rubinow and other to Brian K. Reece, 29.603 acres, Smith River.

Samuel I. White, trustee, to U.S. Bank, 9.9609 acres, Smith River.

Elizabeth J. Shelton to Danny Lester Shelton and other, 0.84 acre, Smith River.

Elizabeth Shope and other to Bailey P. Morrison, 2.50 acres, Smith River.

Shubham LLC to Parbhubhai R. Patel and other, 0.480 acre, Peters Creek, Town of Stuart.

Bobby L. Simpson and wife to William G. McCarthy and wife, 1.244 acres, Smith River.

Robert T. Smith Jr. to Clare Dickerson and husband, 2.01 acres, Mayo River.

Frank H. Spence and other to Dreamer S. Williams and other, interest, 1.00 and 28.216 acres, Mayo River.

Matthew Stanley to Hannah A. Bryant, parcel, Peters Creek, Town of Stuart.

James Edward Stokes to Donnie Gene Barbour and other, 1.093 acres, Peters Creek.

Douglas M. Travis, special commissioner, to Steven B. Adkins, 5.00 acres, Mayo River.

Douglas M. Travis, special commissioner, to Steven B. Adkins, 5.7261 acres, Mayo River.

Violet Grace Turner to Jimmy Darrell Bradshaw and wife, 2.90 acres, Peters Creek.

David E. Wolfe and other to Abigail K. Wolfe and other, 5 acres, Blue Ridge.

Karen M. Wright and other to Peak Ridge Properties LLC, 77.28 acres, Peters Creek.


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