Long-term incumbents ousted in Tuesday election

Several candidates attended the local GOP Committee’s Election Night Watch Party in Patrick Springs, including (left to right) Dr. Clyde DeLoach; Denise Litten Stirewalt; Wren Williams, chairman of the local Republican Committee; Del. Charles Poindexter, R-Glade Hill, and Amy Walker.

By Debbie Hall

Two long-term incumbents lost their respective reelection bids to the Patrick County Board of Supervisors, according to unofficial results.

Lock Boyce, in the Mayo River District, was ousted Tuesday by opponent Clayton Kendrick. Unofficial results showed that Boyce received 276 of the 991 total votes cast; 712 ballots were cast for Kendrick along with three for write-in candidates.

Kendrick said Boyce called to congratulate him, adding “there are no hard feelings. It’s been a rough campaign, but we met our goals. Everything went our way,” he said, noting that other GOP candidates also handily won their respective races. “We can all work together pretty well and work to do what’s best for the county.”

Blue Ridge District supervisor Karl Weiss netted 337 of the 981 total ballots cast to the 637 votes for challenger Clyde DeLoach and seven write-in candidates, unofficial results showed.

“I thank Karl for what he’s done on the board and I hope he’ll continue to be available to do the best for Patrick County,” DeLoach said, adding he also was “very pleased that Denise and Clayton won.” The newcomers “will bring new eyes and new ideas” when they take office in January.

Denise Litten Stirewalt also came out on top in her contest for the Peters Creek District against Keith Puckett, garnering 707 of the 1,218 total ballots cast to the 502 cast for Puckett and nine write-in votes.

“I want to thank Keith Puckett for running a respectable campaign,” Stirewalt said, adding that she also appreciated those who participated in the election – regardless of which candidate they supported.

She said she is looking forward to working with DeLoach and Kendrick, as well as others, to help move the county forward. “The voters spoke loud and clear for positive change. I am very blessed and very humbled” to be part of that.

Voters also supported a Food and Beverage Tax at the polls on Tuesday. Of the 4,655 votes cast, 2,943 were in support of the tax and 1,712 were opposed, unofficial results showed.

Shannon Harrell won the Blue Ridge District seat on the Patrick County School Board in a race against Ronnie Terry, picking up 718 of the 981 total ballots cast to the 234 for Terry and four write-in candidates.

Amy Walker was elected to represent the Mayo River District and Ryan Lawson will serve the Peters Creek District. Both were unopposed in their respective bids.

Also unopposed and reelected to another term were Patrick County Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie Vipperman; Patrick County Sheriff Dan Smith; Commissioner of Revenue Janet Hall Rorrer and Treasurer Sandra K. Stone.

The three open slots on the Soil and Water Conservation Director Patrick District were filled by three candidates: E. Wayne Clark, Richard E. Kreh, Sr. and Joseph A. Sparks.

Incumbent State Sen. William “Bill” Stanley, Jr., R-Glade Hill beat Sherman D. Witcher Sr., I – Franklin County, garnering 3,867 of the 4,596 total ballots cast, according to unofficial results.

Incumbent Del. Charles D. Poindexter, who also was unopposed in his reelection bid for the 9th District, attended the GOP Committee’s Election Night Watch Party in Patrick Springs.

“Obviously, this marks a very significant change in Patrick County politics,” Poindexter said after most of the precincts had reported. “Times change and we have to move forward. The local people are interested and engaged in their county and they care for their community. That’s the most important thing. I’m proud of Patrick County.”



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