Patrick County Swim Team competes in Blue Ridge Swim League


By Stephen Henderson

Members of the Patrick County Swim Team at the Galax Swim Meet: first row (left to right): Wheeler Helms, Tripp Thompson, Caleb Hostetter, Reid Corns; second row: Emma Pendleton, Sam Pendleton, Jalyssa Wagoner and Kendell Williams.
Swim coach Austin Menear helps a swimmer with her form during practice.

The Patrick County Swim Team competed in Galax June 17 in a tri-meet against the host team and Wytheville. June 20, the team traveled to Dobson, N.C., for another a tri-meet with the home team the Dobson Dolphins and Galax Swim Team.

Last Saturday, they traveled to Mount Airy, N.C., for another tri-meet with the Reeves Community Center Swim Team and the Elkin Swim Team.

Patrick County finished third in all three of the meets.

According to PC swim team coaches, the lack of numbers makes competing with the larger teams tough for the PC team since Patrick County only sends 10-20 swimmers to each competition. The other teams send over 40 swimmers to each meet.

However, the team sees the competitions as a way to boost individual swimmers and their scores; they are very competitive, according to coaches.

Below are place winners for the meet at Galax June 17:

Sam Pendleton-2nd in the 100 IM and 50 free.

Reid Corns-1st-25 back, 25 free and 2nd in the 25 breast.

Wheeler Helms-2nd in the 25 back and 3rd in the 25 free.

Joseph Hannold-5th 25 free and 6th 25 back.

Emma Pendleton-8th in the 50 free and 10th in the 50 breast.

Kendell Williams-3rd in the 25 breast and 25 back.

Jalyssa Wagoner-6th 50 free and 50 breast.

Listed below are place-winners in the tri-meet at Dobson June 20.

Reid Corns-1st place in 25 breaststroke and 3rd place in 25 freestyle.

Sam Pendleton-1st place in 50 backstroke and 2nd place in 50 freestyle and 50 Butterfly.

Kendell Williams-2nd place in 50 freestyle and 25 breaststroke.

Madi Heath-3rd place in 50 breaststroke.

Tripp Thompson-2nd place in 25 backstroke.

The results of Saturday’s meet at Mount Airy follow:

Jaxson Handy-2nd in 25 backstroke and 3rd in 25 freestyle.

Reid Corns-2nd in 25 freestyle and 6th in 50 freestyle.

Tripp Thompson-4th in 25 backstroke and 5th in 25 freestyle.

Caleb Hostetter-4th in 50 freestyle.

Madison Scott-4th in 25 backstroke and 5th 25 freestyle.

Ella Menear-1st in the 50 backstroke, 100 IM and 100 freestyle.

Kendell Williams-1st in 25 breaststroke.

Madi Heath-6th in the 50 backstroke.

The team travels to Wytheville for a tri-meet with Dobson Saturday, July 1.