Primland celebrates milestone

Primland celebrated the 10th anniversary of the opening of ‘The Lodge,’ and on Aug. 29, hosted an array of activities to thank the loyal customers and members of the community that made the anniversary possible.
Most of the events were outdoor activities atypically reserved for guests, however, two notable unique additions capped off the celebration: the blessing of the lodge and grounds in a native ceremony and a performance by Billboard chart-topping county artist Lucas Hodge.
Primland is situated between Meadows of Dan and Claudville on a tract of land roughly the size of the country of Bermuda was once home to the native people called the Saura, who along with the Cherokee once called the region home. The two tribes lived in the area before Europeans set foot there.
The Sauras were forced out of the area and resettled in what is modern-day South Carolina. A mighty lodge now stands where natives once lived, but the people seek to make amends and conserve what once was on the resort grounds.
In honor of that heritage, Primland annually invites descendants of the Saura tribe to perform a blessing ceremony.
Thunder-Dancer-Sees-Ground and Enahdah, Sister-of-the-Serpent, preformed the blessing Thursday in English, Cherokee and the original indigenous people’s tongue called ‘Siouan.’
Thunder-Dancer said that the blessing was not only to honor the ancestors but to bless the people who work there and travelers making their way through the territory. “Primland wants to continue the tradition of honoring the indigenous people,” Enahdah said.
Steve Helms, Primland’s general manager, noted that the resort and its owners placed conservation at the top of the list. Helms thanked the community and the people that have made it all possible as well as patrons who have supported the resort — some since its founding.
The luxury resort has been in the area since the late 1970s, and during that time has developed several amenities while conserving the nature and heritage of the area.
“Thank you to Patrick County, we are so thankful to be in such a beautiful part of the state, I was born and raised here, so it means a lot to me to have something like this place here, and the county has been helpful supporting us,” Helms said. He also expressed appreciation to the local tourism departments in Patrick and surrounding areas for their help directing people to the resort.
“Primland wouldn’t be here without you,” Helms added.
“I’ve been played golf and been to resorts all over the place, but there’s not a place just like this,” said John Passic, a frequent lodge visitor.
Country music star Lucas Hoge performed and serenaded the crowd with his Billboard charting songs and sounds. His appearance was the result of Primland’s search to secure a performer who fit their mission of conservation and appreciation of the natural world.
Hoge’s sound and brand, being an ambassador to the Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop, is a good fit, according to his manager. Hoge’s outdoors and nature-loving sounds are a testament to Primland’s commitment to its surroundings.
Hoge has appeared on numerous TV shows, and his album was named “County Album of the Year” at the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2006.

An aerial view of Primland shows the lodge and surrounding golf course.


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