Pro Stirewalt


I keep hearing about this “good guy.” Well, let me tell you about a candidate that can make a great supervisor. I’m talking about Denise Stirewalt. She is running for the Peters Creek district Board of Supervisors and she will do an excellent job when elected. She is running on her experience, which stands head and shoulders over “the good guy.” She has years of experience in economic development, real estate, and tourism. What does the good guy have? She has a passion for the county and a positive attitude about the work that she does even in the face of adversity. How will the good guy react if he doesn’t get his way? Denise is the positive change that we need on the Board of Supervisors. Make sure to vote Stirewalt for Peters Creek and set the tone for Patrick County’s new horizon.

Wren Williams


(Williams also is the chairman of Patrick County Republican Committee)