Something for Everyone to Think About

There was a time when Venezuela was two times richer than China and four times richer than Japan. It had an economy that was ranked 4th in the world and 1st in Latin America. Its currency ranked only 2nd to the US dollar, and it had an excellent health care system. In only 10 years Venezuela was destroyed by Socialism.

The Democrat platform for 2020:

Increase support for planned parenthood, raise taxes, complete open borders, defund the military, take away your guns, weaker economy, suppression of free speech, reparations for African-Americans, reparations for same-sex couples, cancellation of student debt, eliminating the electoral college, free college, free healthcare for everyone including illegal immigrants, free childcare, free housing, free income, and climate change.

The fear-mongering rhetoric on climate change will continue to ramp up during our 2020 presidential election. More politicians will call for bans on meat, on coal, on cars, etc. You will be told to alter your life, give up your property, and change your diet. And during that radical posturing, you will be told of the imminent end of civilization, unless you spend trillions on climate change.

Don’t be fooled, the Democratic platform is nothing more than pure Socialism and a power grab for the ruling class.

If you want the government to completely take over your lives and the US to be destroyed like Venezuela, then vote Democrat

William Salser — Pray for our country!!



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