School maintenance projects detailed

A decaying, damaged retaining wall at Stuart Elementary School will be removed. The site then will be graded. (By Amanda Collins)

Maintenance crews soon will be checking projects off their ‘To Do’ list, with work on some projects expected to begin as weather permits.

A damaged block retaining wall at Stuart Elementary School topped a list of capital improvements that Wayne Scott, director of maintenance for Patrick County Public Schools, presented to school board members.

The wall, Scott said, was damaged by two huge trees and decay. The trees were removed, and while the wall seems stable, it is cracked in several spots and shows other damage.

Scott said he and Dean Gilbert, assistant superintendent of operations, discussed removing the wall and then grading and leveling the dirt. That way, the site can be managed by mowing, and it will be easier to maintain.

Since the school division’s maintenance crews will do most of the work, or ask for help from others, the cost of the project is expected to be nominal. He will get a cost estimate for the board.

The board also approved removing one row of bleachers at the Patrick County high School to allow players to sit along the court, while providing spectators room to pass behind. Terry Harris, the athletic director at PCHS, got a quote for the work from J.H. Pence Co., Scott said, adding that work will be completed the last week of June. Harris plans to take care of the cost.

Renovating two restrooms at PCHS also is on the list. Scott said the restrooms are located on each end of the cafeteria hall.

“We chose those two because there will be minimal work that needs to be done. They only need paint and minimal tile work,” he said, and estimated the division currently has enough tile and materials needed to complete three-fourths of the work in one of the restrooms.

He estimated the total cost of the project at $7,000, and noted a combination of in-house and contractor labor will be needed.

Scott also was directed to look at options for other projects, including a bridge between Meadows of Dan Elementary School and the gymnasium.

Currently, rain and snow accumulate on the bridge, making it unsafe to use, Scott said. School officials directed him to consider carious materials and options to cover one side of the bridge and keep elements outside.

Scott said Jason Wood, principal at MODE, said the school’s Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) may contribute up to $2,500 to help with the project.

Stair railings on the second floor of the MODE school also are a safety concern, Scott said, adding that some are concerned students will fall over the rail. After the initial construction of the school, officials asked the builders raise the existing railing a few inches, Scott said.

The railings also meet building code standards, “but the people still had concerns,” he said, adding “I think it is perception.”

The school board directed Scott to look at options that include installing Plexiglas, an acrylic type panel, and/or additional railings.

Scott also was asked to get an estimate for removing broken, mismatched windows in the gymnasium at Hardin Reynolds Memorial School. The windows, he said, allow for minimum light and are not energy efficient.

After removing the windows, Scott proposed framing up the openings and installing drywall on the interior of the building. Metal or vinyl would be installed on the exterior of the openings. Kirk Renegar, principal, has indicated a parent/booster group may be interested in donating funds to the project.


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