School menus | Week of May 20-May 24


BREAKFAST: (Free to all students) Grab and Go carts in each school; traditional breakfast in cafeteria:

Mon.: chocolate crescent or WG biscuit and gravy; Tues.: strawberry mini bagel or chicken biscuit; Wed.: manager’s choice; Thurs: manager’s choice; Fri.: blueberry muffin or pancake on a stick.

Toast plus one item: cereal, pop tart, or string cheese; fresh fruit or juice; milk available daily.

LUNCH:  Mon.: pasta primavera or manager’s choice, 9-12: sauteed cabbage; Tues.: pork bbq with WG bun or manager’s choice, 9-12: yellow squash with onions; Wed.: spaghetti with meat sauce or manager’s choice, 9-12: fresh broccoli salad; Thurs.: manager’s choice 9-12: manager’s choice; Fri.: manager’s choice, 9-12: baby carrots with dip.

Offered daily:  WOW jelly WG sandwich, pizza, toasted cheese sandwich, chef salad, fruit cup/fresh fruit and a choice of milk.


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