Sheriff’s office to offer firearm safety class

Firearm safety classes are taught by Patrick County Sheriff’s Office on the third Saturday of April, July, and October each year. For calendar year 2016 those dates are April 16, July 16, and October 15.
These are primarily firearms safety classes but they also include marksmanship instruction. There is a two-hour discussion about concealed carry laws, justifiable use of deadly force, firearm safety rules, and the fundamentals of marksmanship. Class duration is four hours.
Participants are encouraged to bring lawn chairs to use during the discussion, snacks to eat, and beverages to drink. Classes are conducted outdoors so it’s important that participants dress for the weather.
These classes exceed the training requirement to obtain a Virginia concealed handgun permit. U.S. citizens 18 years of age and older may register for a class. Children from age 12 may participate in a class if they are registered by and accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. All persons successfully completing the class will receive a certificate of firearms safety training.
Those desiring to attend must register not later than one week prior to the class date by calling the sheriff’s office at 694-3161. The cost of a class is $45 per person. Those attending must bring their own 25 rounds of ammunition. Citizens may use their own handgun (it should be unloaded when brought to the class) or they may use a sheriff’s office handgun if they bring .22 long-rifle, .38 special, or 9mm ammunition.
The class will take place on the sheriff’s office/4-H Club shooting range located at 223 Transfer Station Lane, Stuart. A criminal history check will be completed by the sheriff’s office on those registering for the class. For additional information contact Captain Ward Stone by calling 694-3161 or 692-6453.


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