I want to know where I go to petition the Patrick County Board of Supervisors to “soft bill” me for my real estate taxes and my personal property taxes. Both of these taxes cause me considerable hardship so why not waive the bill if I cannot or do not pay? Perhaps Mr. Weiss can provide me the location for me to go to apply for a hardship exemption?
If we are late on our property taxes, the Patrick County Board of Supervisors will charge us interest, fees and other costs. If we continue to be delinquent they will sell our property on the courthouse steps. Throw us and our family out in the cold. But if need a ride to the hospital they are worried about “hard billing”?
Taking our land and house is not hard? No, that is harsh! The pandering of politics is on full display.
I assume in the future when I pay my real estate and personal property taxes a portion will be a surcharge for “soft billed/free” ambulance rides. Unless of course, we vote for their new “meals tax,” so when we dine out we also pay for “soft billed” ambulance rides for our friends and neighbors. I actually would rather just pay for my friends and neighbors rather than give more money to the county government. The long and short is that the county board of supervisors has one agenda…raise taxes…again! Approving a meals tax is a blank check for the supervisors. This year it is 4%, next year it is 6%. And our taxes are only going to increase again when it comes time to resume paying the full debt service for the schools and jail in two years.
I say vote no on the meals tax!
Bill Moore


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