We’re seeking public support for the soup kitchen in Patrick Springs once again.
The Patrick Springs Ruritan Soup Kitchen serves God and community from Ball Park Road at the Patrick Springs Park (just off Mountain View Loop behind the Patrick Springs Post Office). We deliver free hot, nourishing homemade soups and pinto beans in quart or pint jars to the elderly, shut-ins and needy in the Patrick Springs and Stuart communities. Deliveries are made weekly on Tuesdays and the kitchen has operated since March of 2015.
The soup kitchen served 45-50 households each week.
We are informing everyone of the up-coming changes in the schedule
and delivery of soup and beans starting on Tuesday, July 12.
• To those who are shut-ins, disabled and have no transportation, we will continue to deliver your food.
• To those who have transportation available to them, we are requiring that you make arrangements to pick-up your food at the soup kitchen. Pick-up is only at 11 a.m. or on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to noon.
We ask the people to return the jars, rings and lids every week. These items are run through a dishwasher for proper sanitation. The public can help by donating their extra jars, rings and lids.
We have volunteers who assist with processing, blanching and freezing produce; along with volunteers to help with soup making, clean-up and delivery. We are always in need of volunteers to deliver, prep and help with clean-up.
All of our food and supplies are donated free of charge from various individuals, churches, groups and businesses. God has blessed this ministry abundantly! We also have people who bake corn bread and treats to deliver with the food.
We grow our own vegetable garden to supply the kitchen with fresh produce. Sometimes we hand out fresh veggies along with the soup and beans. Many others have generously donated vegetables from their gardens, and various businesses have donated their “seconds” to our kitchen.
We would appreciate your support with this community ministry.
While we haven’t solicited for paper supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, plastic bags, 30-gallon trash bags ,dishwasher packets and dish washing liquid, we would really appreciate donations.
Call 694-2709 for more information.
I have started two other ministries in the Patrick Springs community: the Food Bank located at the Patrick Springs Holiness Pentecostal Church in 2008, and The Jesus House Clothing Ministry located in the old Jaycees building in 2014.
We are grateful for the opportunity to serve God in this ministry.
May God bless everyone of you with His peace .
Van and Donna Rowe
Ruritans’ Social
Development Committee


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