Turner scores third hole-in-one

Jeff Turner recorded his third career hole-in-one on hole #16 at Gordon Trent Golf Course on August 2, but it didn’t count…sort of.

Turner was playing in the Wednesday evening Bunny Hop (captains’ choice), and part of the format is to use each players’ drive twice. With two holes left to play, Turner’s team had already used his drive twice and still had to use Jason Vipperman’s and Mike Eggleston’s drive one more time each.

Turner dropped a ball and said he had been working on a swing change and wanted to see if it was still working even though they couldn’t use it—and he hit the hole-in-one.

His partners think his swing change is a keeper.

Turner’s playing partners were Adam Horsley, Jason Vipperman, and Mike Eggleston. He used a 5-iron from 169 yards.


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