Beyond the Grade: Start walking!

By Sarah Cox
Even though the majority of people think working out is a hard task, it isn’t all bad and it’s worth it in the end. Exercising helps in more ways than people actually realize. Most people know it affects the body but don’t know any more than that. Exercise helps with health, emotions, and mental state.
The more obvious effect of working out is having better health. Losing weight and toning up is the most known effect. It will help people gain muscle which will make them stronger. It also maintains bones and joint strength. Most people think exercising makes one feel exhausted and tired, but on the contrary, it actually makes people feel more energized. It increases lung capacity and will increase your breathing rate.
Exercising can also reverse or help fight a wide range of health problems such as type II diabetes, heart problems, and high blood pressure. Exercising makes you feel better.
Exercising not only benefits health problems but also has a positive effect on the emotions. When you are working out, the brain sends out endorphins or chemicals that make people feel less pain. It improves people’s moods and makes them feel happier.
It also alleviates stress and can be relaxing which will contribute to a better sleeping schedule. Exercising can boost people’s confidence and make them have a more positive self-image. It helps people deal with depression, ADHD, and other mental and emotional problems.
A surprising effect of working out is helping one’s mental state of mind. Doing something small like walking raises brain power and increases brain activity. Along with that comes more creativity and the ability to think more clearly. Working out will improve memory and reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s. Raised levels of protein contribute to decision-making, higher thinking, and learning.
Working out does more than help with weight loss; it contributes to a person’s whole body and mind. It helps prevent life-altering diseases and problems. It affects the emotion state by releasing chemicals to the brain that reduce pain. The effects on the brain are extensive, going from simple brain activity to improving memory and learning.
Knowing that working out has such a positive effect on the body and mind is impressive and should be a good reason to start.


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