The Springhouse

By Regena Handy Early last week, my husband and I spent two days rebuilding the.

An Uncommon Spring

By Regena Handy Despite the current situation unfolding in our human lives, Spring arrived like.

Lessons I Learned While Holding the Cow’s Tail

By Regena Handy If you grew up in Patrick County during the fifties, sixties and.


By Gwen S. Clarke The other day, as I batted out of the house for.

Winter musings

A coating of snow Thursday helped set the scene for interesting photographs. Delicate looking daffodils.

Using a Wringer Washer

By Regena Handy When I have once again let the laundry pile up and am.


By Regena Handy They came in the restaurant door together, laughing as they entered, four.

Social Security Matters

by AMAC Certified Social Security Advisor Russell Gloor Association of Mature American Citizens Ask Rusty.

PAWS in fast lane

PAWS would like to announce that we are back up and running in the fast.

Christmas at the Comfort Inn

By Regena Handy The first year I stood at the window looking out at the.