Free Clothing Store Offered at MOD Elementary

Meadows of Dan Elementary School offered a Free Clothing Store for students to shop for their own fall and winter clothing, thanks to the generous donations of community members and families. 

One of the parent volunteers running the store said, “Students were so appreciative and excited to shop for the clothes they wanted. I am really thankful this was provided for the students here at Meadows of Dan.”

Jason Wood, school principal, said that he “was amazed at the number of donations that kept rolling in.  Our community amazes me all the time. We had so much support for this Free Store that we have started a clothes closet and will have clothing and hygiene products available all year long.

“Tri-Area Community Health already provides shoes and socks for students, and now with these recent donations, we have all the clothes and jackets necessary to support our students and their families,” he added.

“This is such a blessing that started with the desire of one community member, Fran Durden, who wanted to help,” said Administrative Assistant  Angela Keith, who coordinated all the donations. Durden “washed and sorted 20 or more totes full of clothes. She is an amazing person.”

Keith added that once information about the Free Store was sent out, “other families began making donations and the support was very heart touching.”

To make a donation to the School Clothes Closet, contact the school.



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