High Point Baptist Church to celebrate 100 years

High Point Baptist Church is celebrating 100 years as a church in the Big A community. The congregation welcomes the community, former members, and anyone who ever visited to join them for worship on September 17.

Worship will begins at 11 a.m. Come early to find parking. A nursery will be provided. Ushers will be on hand to assist with parking and seating.

Following the service, dinner will be served in the fellowship hall. There will be limited seating inside for those who need it. Weather permitting, we will encourage those who can to eat outside in designated areas where there will be more room to eat and visit.

Please bring a lawn chair and plan to stay for the afternoon meal. Visitors are welcome, but not obligated, to bring a covered dish to share.

Questions may be directed to Wayne Moore at (336) 793-7991 or waymoore67@gmail.com.

High Point Baptist Church history

A school was originally located where the church now stands. The school was named High Point, so High Point also became the name of the church.

Rev. T.H. Francisco of Stuart Baptist Church (1917-1919) and Rev. Phillips held a tent revival, marking the beginning of the church on the school grounds. Several people accepted Christ and were baptized in the river.

Oscar and Daisy Smith and Ernest and Cappy Hazelwood and some of the others decided that they wanted to raise money to build a church. Teresa Shelton crocheted a bedspread out of tobacco twine and sold it to Cara Wigington, after which she gave the money to the building fund. Oscar Smith even rode a train to Martinsville to get donations.

Sam Newman donated the land on which the building would be erected. Arthur Newman donated the land for the cemetery, John Hazelwood gave the timber to build the church, and Will Martin sawed the timber into lumber. The members and neighbors gave their time and labor to get the timber to the mill. They continued to work faithfully until the church was built by the carpenter, John Andy Martin, and the members and neighbors of the surrounding community.

The church was organized in 1917 by the Stuart Baptist Church. The first pastor was T.H. Francisco and the first deacons were J.A. Aelonus, J.R. Hazelwood, and George Nowlin. W.T. Fulcher was treasurer and Nellie Gray was the clerk.

Following pastors include C.T. Taylor (1919), Sam Branch (1933-1934), A.Z. Shoemaker (1934-1939), J.O. Belton (1939-1946), Fred Journey (1946-1947), Rev. Fleming (1947-1948), Charlie Simmons (1949-1951), and Clarence Marshall (1951-1954), Robert A. White (1955-1958), Cabbot Inman (Nov. 1958-Dec. 1958), Grady Schuler (1959-1961), Charles Hulin (1961-1963), James Handy (1964-1966), Allen Mason (1966-1968), and David Hill (1968-1969).

In 1970, Bobby Steagall became pastor and the church underwent some renovations. Bathrooms were added, central air conditioning was installed, new pews with cushioned seating were placed in the sanctuary, new carpet was put down, and the parking lot was paved.

Between 1985 and 1986, Rev. Swimmer, J.C. Raper, Clarence Marshall, and James Handy filled in until Tom Rumley came in 1986. Rev. Rumley also helped to have the church renovated by building a utility shed and installing stained windows. Rev. Rumley was killed in an auto accident in 1989. Berlin Joyce came to pastor the church from 1989-1994, Bill Breen 1995-1996, and Amos Turner 1997-1998.

Wayne Moore, was called and ordained in 1999. He continues to serve the church today.

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