Mountain Top Party Line

Photo: Autumn greeting to you readers from Connie Greer, Harley the dog, and Snowball the cat. Harley always love to pose for the camera. The photo is in color and so pretty. Thanks to Connie Greer for their photo. I’m happy that I get to keep it.

By Ivalien Reynolds

It’s been a busy weekend in Patrick Springs. First there was that delicious breakfast at Providence Methodist Church. Then on to the Patrick Springs Pentecostal Holiness Church where the teens had an indoor yard sale, hot goods, desserts and drinks. Seems like I was eating most of the day- but it was so good.

We got some much needed rain. I’m thankful for every drop that fell.

Sure was good to get a card and a nice photo from Connie Greer. It’s in color. The dog Harley still likes to pose for pictures, and I guess the cat does also.

I really enjoyed spending some tie with Arlene Trent at the teen’s yard sale on Saturday. Keep her and Leonard on your prayer list.

On Sunday, the teens still had hot dogs and desserts left. I enjoyed one. Then they gave me some left over chili. You all make some mighty good chili. Thank you!

Sure was good to her Gary Burd preach again. He travels by motorcycle a lot and he really was traveling on a really pretty red one this time.

To Lavell Custer I got your message and will give the information to my sister in law. I’m sure we are kinfolk.

Sam the church dog was all dressed up in a holiday sweater and was so cute on Monday. He loves greeting the people and the kids that come to Food Ministry. Love him.

Enjoyed a visit with Gladys and William Collins on Tuesday. It’s always good to see them. They are so sweet and humble. While out, I enjoyed seeing the beautiful decor at “Miss” Vera’s home again.

The Soup Kitchen did bag meals for this week, but next week will be making soup again. Chill is in the air, so soup will taste good.

Thanks to Adam for the delicious cherry cake. I enjoyed it to the last bite.


Food for Thought – Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”


Crockpot Beef Stew

1 lb beef, cut into chucks and fat cut off

1 can cream mushroom soup

2 tbsp. minced dry onions

1 can stew tomatoes

1/2 cup water

1 tsp/salt

1/2 pepper

5 potatoes cut into chucks

2 carrots cut into chucks

2 stalks celery, cut into chucks

4 tbsp. soy sauce

Prepare vegetables, keeping chunks about the same in size so they will get done at the same time. Place in crockpot with beef and the other ingredients. Mix and cook on high for 5 or 6 hours or unit done.

Instant Russian Tea

1 (3 oz.) Pkg. Orange Jell-O

1 (3 oz.) Pkg. Lemon Jell-O

5 cups water

1 small tea bag

5 whole cloves

Bring water and tea bags to a boil, add Jell-O and cloves. Simmer.

Recipes are from the Cookbook, Lifeline for Healthy Living by the Ladies Auxiliary of Northern Hospital of Surry County.




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